Back in the swing of things. . .

Hi everyone, as you can probably notice this is my first blog in a while. Apologies for the extended hiatus I’ve had alot on my plate. I’ve just changed jobs after being thoroughly miserable in my last role for well over a year and have been settling in to my new role and fresh start. When I decided to write my blogs it was to give me focus and something to enjoy doing away from my demoralising job but in the end I ended up putting pressure upon myself to deliver new material as often as possible and I stopped enjoying it; so I stopped writing. The whole idea of this blog was to make me relax and I was so hepped up on producing more stuff that when I was faced with a blank page I just felt sick and logged out.

So. New rule. I am determined not to do that to myself again but I also want to keep blogging because I do enjoy it. The new job is going great, I feel like I’m getting back to my old-self and I’m much more relaxed and chilled than I have been in months. As a result I’m just going to write the blogs when I feel like it, it could be one a week, one a fortnight, or whatever. Whisky is a passion of mine and I want it to stay that way, I don’t want to turn it into a chore to talk about something that I enjoy so much. I feel this way too that the stuff I’ll be writing will be real quality material as I’ll have taken my time over it to produce a quality piece of writing.

Thanks for your patience and support I really appreciate it,


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