Happy Birthday to me. . . (Part 1)

This is more of a blog than a review. Well, its totally a blog instead of a review but it is whisky-related, so that counts right?

It was my 29th birthday last week, so as a whisky obsessive I spent it the best I could, with whisky, and a very understanding partner!

The day started with an email from, of all people, Bargain Booze (a liquor store for my non UK readers) sending me a £10 voucher for when I spend £40. Excellent, so after fitting my DAB radio present to the car I hurried down to my local Bargain Booze to spend up! All Bargain Boozes here are different, they all seem to focus on different products, although they do ALL focus on lager and cheap Rose. My local focuses on gin, (there is a whole wall full of the stuff) and real ale (mostly local breweries). But they do have a pretty decent whisky selection too; I picked up the 14 year old Inchgower Flora and Fauna edition for a very reasonable price, think it was £30 last time I was in there. Anyway, I knew what I wanted, I’d seen it on the shelf last time I’d been in but couldn’t justify paying £39.99 for it. But for 10 quid off, gimmie gimmie!

The bottle in question is Ancnoc. Or more specifically anCnoc. Or even more specifically Knockdhu. Confused? So was I when I read up on them. Originally named Knockdhu when it opened in the late 1800’s after the village next to it, it remained in pretty constant production, minus the world wars, until 1983 when it was mothballed and then bought by Inver House in 1988. Inver House were worried that people would confuse the names Knockdhu with another whisky, called Knockando which was also named after the village it was built next to. Despite the two never knowingly being confused (I can’t find any sources to dispute my argument) the distillery kept its name, but the spirit was renamed anCnoc. It is apparently Gaelic for ‘the hill’. Knockdhu apparently means ‘black hill’.

Interestingly Knockando is Gaelic for ‘we didn’t need a ridiculous reason to change our name to try and re-launch our product’.

I, rather cynically, Digress.

The bottle in question was a Peter Arkle (Scottish Illustrator) Edition of AnCnoc. And the reasons I bought it are three fold. One; I’d never seen it before (except the last time I was there) Two; I loved the artwork on the bottle and tube. Three; I could get 10 quid off the price.

Look! It is pretty snazzy!

So essentially what I’m telling you is I’m a sucker for something different that looks nice and is going cheap. In my defence though, Ralfy.com does say that if you see a bottle at the right price buy it; because if you hesitate you’ll probably never see it again.

Love the image of the sleeping casks here. . .

I haven’t had time to open or review this beauty yet, but I’ll get round to it eventually. That was the days early whisky event out of the way, and the end of part 1. I had to split this into two parts because the second part will blow your mind. It blew my mind. My mind is still recovering. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and have enjoyed this! Part two is on its way very soon!

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