The Whiskies Wot Peter Bought : Glenfiddich Fire and Cane

Why did I buy it?
I’m a sucker for marketing? Maybe a little; but I was also very intrigued as to how peated Glenfiddich would work with a rum cask finish. I follow quite a few of the Glenfiddich reps on the social media so I was probably already mentally quite invested in this before it was even released. Plus; I am partial to a good rum every now and again.

Where did I buy it?
From the distillery shop itself! We had a last-minute trip up to Inverness tacked on to our Edinburgh trip and I managed to suggest we visit Speyside whilst we were there. But we only had time for one distillery tour so I figured it might as well be the big one (sorry Macallan).
I can highly recommend the tour by the way; and if you time it just right, on a drizzly Wednesday afternoon, you might just get a personal tour just for the two of you; with the added bonus of getting to try some amazing new make Glenfiddich left over from the previous higher grade tour that you didn’t want to pay for.
You can pick up a bottle from here :

Have I opened it?
Opened and enjoyed and shared and gone!

Bottle looks pretty too . . .


Nose: A light smokeyness is there from the start, bonfire smoke; maybe that’s because I’m getting a toffee apple vibe too. It’s a Bonfire night scent-fest!

Palate: Smokier than the nose that’s for sure! There’s also like a charred fruit sugar, pineapple syrup? It’s all sweet and smoky and spice, nice!

Finish: Dry smoke, little bit of spice but the sweetness has left and been replaced oaky notes

Solid very sippable dram for the price

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