The Whiskies Wot Peter Bought : Kingsbarns From Dream to Dram

Why did I buy it?
I had read a little about Kingsbarns and the struggle it went through to become a living breathing distillery. It all started with a golf caddie and whisky enthusiast Douglas Clement in 2009 asking people for investment for a good few years (turns out distilleries are very expensive to build!). Before eventually having to sell it to the Wemyss family in 2013 to raise the final portion of capital for the construction. They kept him there though as a director to realise his dream to the first dram of Kingsbarns Whisky.
So the back story definitely helped; but also getting to try some before I bought it helped too; it tasted much older than the 3 years old (presumed) that it is.

Where did I buy it?
On our pretty much annual trip to Edinburgh we called in at Jeffrey Street Cigars; just off the Royal Mile. The gentleman who greeted us, whose name escapes me; was very friendly and chatty and was eager to help me pick out something a bit different. You can pick up a bottle from then online here:

Have I opened it?
Yes. Opened it and finished it!


Nose: Strong cereal notes (more Special K than corn flakes) and a little lemon juice

Palate: The spirit kick is not as violent as you’d think for a 3 year old whisky; the cask is very much doing its bit in taming the potential burn of the young spirit. It’s actually got a sweetness to it; vanilla is there as well as a creamy pudding vibe going on somewhere too; but then you get a bit of nutmeg spice to it too?

Finish: Wood and pepper dominate before it ends with a little lingering sweetness

4/5 With an Integrity bottling mark. Highly reccomended

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