The Whiskies Wot Peter Bought : Inchgower 14 Flora and Fauna

Why AND Where did I buy it?
Surprise. Nipped down the road to Bargain Booze to pick up a few bottles of beer and some gin for me and my better half and, as is my general habit, had a nosey at the whisky shelf. Usually you can expect Glenfiddich 12, Jura, Grant’s, Haig Club and maybe an Ardbeg if your lucky at most of the Bargain Booze stores I’ve been in. But on the bottom shelf I spied the familiar colour and style of the Michael Jackson christened ‘Flora and Fauna’, distillery official releases from Diageo. Talking to the very friendly gent behind the counter he explained that one of his regular customers enjoys it so he always had a bottle in stock just in case. I took the plunge! Because, well why not? It was at a very good price and as my partner was getting some gin, it’s only fair that I treat myself too right?

Have I opened it?
Yes. Still working my way through it, you can pick up a bottle from Royal Mile Whiskies here:

Such lovely labels . . .


Nose: Spirit heavy, smells like a young whisky. Musty smell, damp wood.

Palate: Lots of oak followed by orange pith, coats your tongue, quite oily. A little bit of spice but it’s not overpowering it

Finish: Dry and tarte, and more straw dried grass notes from the oak from earlier

Solid whisky at a decent price, not too floral like some Speyside whiskies

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