The Whiskies Wot Peter Bought : Oban 15 Year Old Distillers Edition 2015

Why did I buy it?
I mean, technically; I didn’t buy it. My partner did. However I was given a choice of a few different bottles on the shelf in the shop so I picked it; and that’s practically the same thing isn’t it?
So why did I pick it? I’d never tried Oban before, and I know you should really start off with a distillery’s core range bottles before you go off on fancy tangents with independent bottlings or single casks or in this case the “Distillers Edition” but it was a gift to me, so I wanted to fancy it up a little.

Where did I buy it?
Blair Athol Distillery shop. After the tour of the distillery you are inevitably led into the shop to spend spend spend; I’d already picked up a bottle of their 12 year old Flora and Fauna bottling which I’d really enjoyed sampling on the tour. There was plenty of Bell’s to buy in there (it is one of the main component parts in the blend) from 12 packs of miniatures to 1.5 litre bottles, you could fill your boots with the stuff! However I was drawn to the different Distillers Editions they had, there was a Blair Athol one, but I fancied getting something from a different distillery. In the end it was our very helpful tour guide who helped me decide on the Oban.

Have I opened it?
Yes, opened and finished it. You can pick up a bottle of one of the later editions here :

Very tall bottle, hence the funny angle of the photo!


Nose: Marzipan, raisins and honey. Then spice and a little smoke

Palate: Vanilla and cinnamon spices but then sweet fudge almost creamy Wethers Originals vibe going on

Finish: Slight saltyness and a strong oak note with a slight smoke lingering

Good flavour with the Montilla Fina cask influence working well to balance coastal flavour and sherry sweetness. Just a shame it’s “Mit Farbstoff” and only at 43%

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