The Whiskies Wot Peter Bought : Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2018

Why did I buy it? Trust in a brand. Kilchoman very much started as they meant to go on when they released their first whisky; the ‘Inaugural Release’ in 2009 a quality, albeit young spirit proudly declaring on the label it was non-chill filtered and natural colour. Probably a bit fickle from me but I like what I like. First time I tasted Kilchoman it tasted like a completely different Islay to me, it had some real tropical fruit syrup and buttery notes that I didn’t get from existing Islay distilleries. So flavour profile wise I was already well invested. Kilchoman’s releases tend to be comprised of more ex-bourbon cask matured than ex-sherry, so when I saw this was available I lept at the chance to buy a bottle to see how the spirit character works in a solely sherry matured whisky.

Where did I buy it?
The great Southport Whisky Club. My local (well, as local as I can get one to my house; still two bus journeys away, but still very much worth it) whisky club. Bought at one of our monthly tasting evenings a box of Kilchoman appeared with some Sanaig, Loch Gorm and some 100% Islay and one lonely bottle of the Loch Gorm on which I pounced first!
Link to the club here:

Have I opened it?
Of course! Although not had too much of it, really want to share this one with some of my friends. You can pick up a bottle of the 2019 release here:

Something very imposing and beautiful about these bottles . . .


Nose: Distinct peat (obviously), almost like a smokehouse savoury note, toffee apples

Palate: Black pepper; there’s a slight burn from the spirit, (some of this vatting is only 7 years old) but then that buttery Kilchoman flavour coats your tongue and an orange oil flavour comes from the sherry. Let’s say (bear with me) burnt buttered toast with marmalade?

Finish: Smokey, with a slight saltiness

A truly great dram. Ticks all my boxes; and although I don’t drink as much Islay as I used to, this one has me going back to it again and again.

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