The Whiskies Wot Peter Bought : Deanston Batch 2 by The Boutique-y Whisky Company

Why did I buy it?
I have a habit of ‘Google-ing’ the places we are visiting in advance to see if there and any reputable whisky stockists in the area and happily I found one just outside of York, our weekend city break location. A quick check in their online shop gave much hope and faith in making a visit before our return home.
It was my first every encounter with the The Boutique-y Whisky Company in seeing it on the shop shelves. I had read and heard great things about the juice they bottle and the company itself. They are an independent bottler who until writing this blog, I didn’t know were owned buy Atom Brands; the people behind Master of Malt. This bottle was the last sat on the shelf and I was drawn to it by the amazing bottle art, and the opportunity to buy a independent bottling of Deanston, a distillery I’d only had one dram from previously that was mediocre according to my little black book of tasting notes. A chance then for them to redeem themselves in the guise of a 50cl bottle and high abv independence.

Where did I buy it?
Field and Fawcett, a wonderful farm shop set up just east of York, plenty of fresh produce wine and importantly whisky to choose from here:

I was very much left to mine own devices to browse the collection; before heading to the counter with my requests for my picks to be collected from beyond the glass-walled cabinets.

Have I opened it?
Yep. it’s been opened, and all gone too!

Funkiest of the Funky Labels . . .


Nose: Mint and apple, very fresh and almost menthol

Palate: Custard, and a maltiness comes through, biscuity almost. Not much hint of the aforementioned mint on the palate now

Finish: Sweet and cereal-like. Pleasant enough.

A decent dram, just feel it wasn’t bold enough in bringing its flavours to the fore

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