The Whiskies Wot Peter Bought : Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year Old

Why did I buy it?
Ralfy. One of the first reviewers I really got into over on YouTube, his one take, rambling style isn’t for everyone but for some reason it really struck a chord with me. The review for the particular bottle in question is here : and we catch Ralfy in a rather jovial mood, but nonetheless very informative. I didn’t know that Green Label had actually been discontinued and this was a re-review of their re-release. I learnt alot from this vlog when it first came out; and most importantly along with lots of other Ralfy facts; that it was possible not to be snobby and dismissive of whiskies and brands just because they don’t conform to the ‘Malt aficionados’ idea of what it means to be a good whisky. He gave it a good score. So off I went to procure a bottle.

Where did I buy it?
Morrisons. Sorry. I know that’s not particularly exciting. You can pick up a bottle here and even get it engraved for whatever reason. . .

Have I opened it?
Oh yeah, its well gone.

The iconic square bottle. . .


Nose: Vanilla cheesecake, fruit syrup and smoke, not acrid smoke. More a BBQ wafting over from next door but one’s garden.

Palate: A little spice and oak, the smoke hangs around, in the background slightly malty note too

Finish: Dried grass. Dry smoke. Yeah. Quite dry! And smoky naturally!

Past Peter’s notes have given me a hankering to buy another bottle of this!

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