The Whiskies Wot Peter Bought : Càrn Mòr Ben Nevis 4 Year Old

Why did I buy it?
The internet told me to do it! The Good Spirits Co of Glasgow and had collaborated last year for his tenth anniversary of YouTube-ing to release a limited edition bottling of a 4 year old peated Ben Nevis whisky matured in a sherry butt. It earned some very reputable reviews and it’s been picked out by the Malty Maestro that is Ralfy Mitchell and #inralfywetrust . But also unfortunately for me it sold out as quickly as it was released. Heartbroken, I struggled on through the next few months pining for that elusive bottle; I even considered buying the standard Ben Nevis 10 year old in the hope of healing my the whisky-shaped hole in my heart. But then, out of the darkness came light. Southport Whisky Club. Our next virtual tasting night was with the independent bottler Càrn Mòr and what did I see on the available bottles list? Ben Nevis. At 4 years of age. From a sherry butt! Could it possibly be?! I deduced enough that it was worth a shot as it could well be a sister cask of that Good Spirits Company bottling; so I bought a bottle, even though it was in the tasting set we were being sent, I had get my hands on a bottle!

Where did I buy it?
Through my local whisky club, Southport Whisky Club, local collection only unfortunately, but if you are a little further afield, Edencroft Spirits has it available here:

Have I opened it?
I don’t really know why I’ve left this question in. I got all gushy about getting it earlier on. Of course I’ve opened it.

Colour-coded labeling. Purple means Highland


Nose: Leathery, spiced fruit pudding, a little smoke and malted barley

Palate: Smoky, earthy and with the stodgy sweetness of the sherry coming through, certainly no aggression coming from the young spirit

Finish: More sherry and smoke, and a biscuity vibe. Hobnob more than digestive.

Quality spirit, bottled with complete transparency from an independent bottler.

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