Digital Dramming #1

Since my hours were reduced at work I, like many people have had alot of time on my hands but with nowhere to go. Luckily the whisky-related options for killing time are numerous. Plenty of YouTube content, live whisky tastings with both distilleries and clubs and Twitter based blind tastings to name but a few. For me the idea of sharing whisky is a big part of being a whisky nerd and finding out what others experience when enjoying the same drams as you. With that in mind I have been using Drinks by the Dram from Master of Malt to share drams with friends and have virtual tastings over video call or the now very popular Zoom format. Personally, I think it’s worked really well; I’ve managed to try whiskies I’ve been wanting to try for a while and I’ve even turned a few of my whisky-sceptic friends onto whisky. They’ve even bought bottles on my recommendations! Naturally these experiences have been documented in the Little Black Tasting book; so I thought I’d share them here with you too.

Date of Tasting: 6th April 2020

The Line up . . .

No. 1
Glen Elgin 12 43% abv
I picked this whilst reading Dave Brooms World Atlas of Whisky it was recommended as my next step in my ‘Flavour Camp’
Nose: Marzipan and almonds, vanilla syrup
Palate: Really coats the tongue, thick viscous texture, nutmeg and cinnamon with a sweet sherry kick
Finish: According to my thorough tasting notes, “Peanuts!”.

No. 2
Dailuaine 16 Flora and Fauna 43% abv
A companion to the Glen Elgin ‘Flavour Camp wise’ and was a last chance to buy sample
Nose: Rich, booze-soaked fruit cake with a musty and damp note in the background
Palate: Immediately savoury, beef jerky, salt and pepper
Finish: BBQ sauce and aniseed 4/5

No. 3
Mortlach 18 Signatory Vintage (1997 cask 7182) 46% abv
Got this because its Mortlach.
Nose: Lime cordial, fresh-planed wood and cereals
Palate: Slight butter-oiliness, perfume and lemon lime juice
Finish: Dry and short

No. 4
Glendronach Revival 46%
Discontinued expression from Glendronach that I’ve read alot of good things about
Nose: Sweet and matly, like a honeyed porridge
Palate: Very light engine oil, worn leather, blackberry fruit tart
Finish: White pepper and ginger snaps biscuits

No. 5
Clynelish 20 Signatory Vintage (1996 cask 11381)
Picked this up because I’m a fan of Clynelish
Nose: Brioche bread
Palate: Fresh fruit, appe/melon, slight burnt caramel
Finish: Classic waxy Clynelish

Final thoughts
It appears Signatory Vintage, although very well priced; can sometimes be a bit hit and miss with the casks. Oh, and I need to finds some more Dailuaine & Glen Elgin; they were very, very enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Digital Dramming #1

    1. Apologies Bert in all the excitement I must have missed that ! 4/5 for the Dailuaine F&F. Just updated the post now 👍🥃


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