Play that Funky Music Springbank

That's probably the worst/best title yet. I'll let you decide. Springbank. From that Westerly outcrop that is Campbeltown. Once a thriving whisky community it now is the home to just three distilleries, Glengyle, Glen Scotia and of course Springbank. Springbank and Glengyle distilleries are owned by J.A Mitchell and sons. A family run and very … Continue reading Play that Funky Music Springbank

Dalmore. Give me more!

Back on the Edinburgh drams after my emergency break-away for the Glenkinchie 10. This one was part of a whisky flight I had in the Ensigne Ewart, I'll cover the rest in due course but I wanted to start with this one as it intrigues me. Dalmore. I know it's had its critics but I … Continue reading Dalmore. Give me more!

Glenkinchie 10. Emergency Review.

Strange title I know but you'll find out why soon enough. I've got a soft spot for Glenkinchie. In fact I've got a soft spot for lowland distilleries really. I'm not sure why, possibly down to their rarity, their dwarfed in numbers by most of the other regions, and their lighter sweeter style is something … Continue reading Glenkinchie 10. Emergency Review.

Imperial Distillery. Gone but not forgotten.

Whilst in Edinburgh I had the great opportunity to taste a whisky from a long lost distillery. Those detectives amongst you from my previous blog would have worked out that this distillery was Imperial. Imperial distillery was founded in Speyside in 1897 by Thomas Mackenzie, this guy had mega-money. He owned the distilleries neighbour Dailuiane … Continue reading Imperial Distillery. Gone but not forgotten.


Another terrible pun. Am I getting better at making them worse? This begins a fair stretch of reviews from my very serious fact finding trip to Edinburgh. I did it for you all, honestly the awful things I go through to provide you with content! Anyway, Miltonduff. What do we know about them? Honestly I … Continue reading Miltonduff-er?

Edinburgh. A very incomplete guide to its pubs.

Looking out on the new town from The Arches In fact it's not even that. It's a very incomplete guide to the whisky inside some of its pubs. So if you were looking for a who's who 2019 of Edinburgh's pubs, maybe buy a guide. or probably use TripAdvisor as your 21st century alternative. I … Continue reading Edinburgh. A very incomplete guide to its pubs.

BenRiach. One in a Chameleon?

Ok. I'm sorry. Promise I'll do better with the titles of these things. Anyway we've more important things to discuss, let's begin! I was enjoying a week off work, and decided it was time to open my Christmas present. Well. Re-open it. It was wrapped up, I unwrapped it, now I wanted to open it. … Continue reading BenRiach. One in a Chameleon?

Monarch of the Glen-fiddich

Arguably the most famous brand in single malt scotch whisky. Its a total icon of the genre, the Bob Hope of the whisky world; it's been around for as long as we can remember and it is still relevant and knocking out quality scotch like Mr Hope did with his jokes for so many years. … Continue reading Monarch of the Glen-fiddich